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We can deliver you a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the true India, and as a result, your true self, all in the finest comfort and luxury. India is a land of many surprises, but whatever you find there on your own personal journey, what is sure is that you will experience a magical land that will touch your heart like the composition and progression of chords make the magic of music.

If there is anything you would need to know that we have not covered, please contact the Kingslon Travel India team.


Is India for you?

Where possible, we use comfortable hotels with style and character and good management. Hotels are carefully selected to enhance your holiday experience and offer value for money. Accommodation ratings and hotel facilities are listed in all of our itineraries. Most hotels used in our published tours have air-conditioning, all have modern en suite facilities and many have swimming pools. All have catering facilities, usually with a choice of restaurants.

Most international airlines have a luggage allowance of 20kg per person. We suggest that you bring slightly less than this to allow room for souvenirs or gifts on your return. We will advise you of any internal flight weight limits in the individual detailed itineraries.

Tours and transfers, simple and efficient
Our set tours can be booked just as they are, adapted or you can create your own itinerary. All our tailor-made tours are based on you and your companion(s) travelling together in a private vehicle with driver. Your English-speaking driver will act as your informal guide. If you would like to take a journey by train we can arrange this. We can tailor your itinerary to suit your accommodation requirements.

Essential India Travel Ltd has contacts with bonded flight providers (ATOL) and can help you to find scheduled and charter flights.

Passport and visas into India for China click here
You will require a passport, valid for at least six months from the start of your holiday. Visas are required for India and they can either be obtained direct from the Indian High Commission in London or you can use a visa service. Please see our India Travel Guide for more information.

What to wear - appropriate dress?
Society across the sub-continent is still deeply religious and steeped in tradition. Rural India, in particular, is very conservative. It is important to dress modestly to avoid offending local sensibilities and also (especially for women) to avoid being the target of unwanted attention. Loose cotton clothing is most appropriate in this climate.

Practical matters for all tours
There are no upper age restrictions, but for those who are over 78 and wish to join a tour that involves trekking at altitude, we do ask for a doctor’s certificate of fitness. As with any foreign holiday, you must ensure that you are in sufficiently good health for your trip - again, we suggest checking with your doctor and then with us if you have any doubts. For more information on travelling in India, please put in a request for a copy of our comprehensive India Travel Guide.

Guided Group or independent travel?
There are pros and cons to both types of travel. For those who are not experienced solo travellers, or who have not travelled alone in India before, we strongly recommend joining a group. Please call us if you need further advice.

The pace of life
Things can and will happen much slower in India: travel may not be as efficient as back home and at times, the bureaucracy and logic may seem incomprehensible. To help, we will supply you with as much information as possible about your trip before you depart. But a sense of humour and a positive attitude to the unexpected and unusual - the things that make India so fascinating - is all that is required when travelling in India.

We believe you will love India



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